What I've been Doing Lately?

What up guys?
It's good to be back, I know i've been gone for a while because of all my stupid busyness.
But forget about that because i'm back! Well, usually I write when I want to but this time because I got the time and also to fill my boredom.

Lately, I keep asking myself, what i've been doing this last months and also after the new years?
By the way, Happy New Year guys! Sorry I couldn't post anything like previous year. Oh yeah and also Merry Christmas for those who celebrates! I hope you guys get the gifts that you like not like mine. And back to the topic. So, for the couple of months besides I finally finished my first semester, I'm doing nothing. I know it's a sad thing but hey smile! I got pretty much to do also, making Vine videos and wondering around Jakarta seeing the flood coming in and out. For those who got Vine account you guys can check me out @geovanilaskar. Well I also spend some time out my house here in Jakarta so don't worry that maybe you guys think that I'm spending my 1 month holiday inside my house only, well i'm not.

Okay, besides that I want to share you some cool and awesome videos (not my Vine videos, chill). Well actually these are funny videos, I got couple of them. So check them out!

1. This one is so funny, I laughed myself for the first 30 minutes non stop!

The Shooting AKA Dear Sister

Just click Read More if you want to see my second video.

Thursday, January 23, 2014 Leave a comment

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