Life, College, and Being a Young Adults.

So yeah, what's up guys? Now i'm back again for this blogging thing since I want to write again. I know it's been a while since the last time I write about something to this blog, and I would make it up to you guys my faithful and trustful reader (I hope there are). Well this time I decided to write in full English as I also want to practice my English writing skills. I hope it can improve my skills by only writing some stupid shit and facts about this shitless live. So maybe in the future post I would mix up between Bahasa and English. Maybe for you guys who really good in English if there are some mistakes just ignore it, I know it would be funny to you but hey it's life! Life is full of mistakes and we live to learn by our own mistakes! So yeah just ignore it and don't bother to give some correction to me if there were any.

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So now i'm entering the stage of college life. Last May I graduated from my high school and now i'm here. For the next 4 or 5 or maybe 6 years, I will be in a life where responsible and decisions are all matter now. Maybe there are some people who really exited about this college life and some don't. Well for me, I say that i'm in between. Now, I live on my own. I studies in Gadjah Mada University one of the most prestigious university in Indonesia. It's located in Yogyakarta and it's about 400 miles from Jakarta. The city is quite pleasant but maybe i'm not get used to it but now i'm trying to. Although it's very different from Jakarta but I think I can manage to survive for the next 4 years, I hope so.

As for now maybe I can say that i'm already a young adults. To young to be an adult and too old to be a kid. Now we have to become more responsible and can make a big decisions. In fact, some of people consider young adults as an adult. To be an adult is difficult. There are some said that our age will be keep increasing but to be an adult is a choice. Even when even if we already reach 40 years old and if our behavior still like a spoiled kid we cannot consider us as an adult. For now i'm currently trying to realize that i'm not a kid anymore and I need to learn how to realizing that. In life we learn by what we're doing. We must not be afraid of making some mistakes because mistakes always happen wether we realize it or not. Just like Thomas Alfa Edison who tried more than 1000 times to make a simple light bulb. Thanks to him our world today is not a dark-cold world.

I think, I'll stop here. I have nothing to say again and please stay tuned for my future post. Thank you.

Monday, November 11, 2013


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